Patio / Facade Drainage

The WOLFA drainage gutters are suitable for various installation situations and requirements.

The flat WOLFA gutters AquaStop Ultra150 and AquaStop Drain150

The WOLFA AquaStop Ultra150 gutter has a simple, elegant design. In order to safely discharge the surface water, we developed a new drain connection especially for patios and balconies with limited floor installation conditions.

Areas of application: patios and balconies

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WOLFA drainage gutter Fixo

Flat roofs, balconies and patios must be able to handle and withstand all weather conditions. Heavy precipitations need to be taken care of quickly, safely and permanently.

Unlike our other gutter types, the WOLFA Fixo 110/150 drainage channels discharge the rainwater through slots over their entire length.

Areas of application: patios, balconies, flat roofs

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WOLFA slot drains

The new WOLFA slot drain made of GRP is the most elegant solution when sophisticated architectural requirements need to be met. The slotted top is 100 mm high and replaces the broad drainage gutter cover. With its opening width of merely 10 mm and optional colors from charcoal to light gray, the slot drain perfectly fits the looks and design of any environment.

Areas of application: linear drainage of facades, entrance areas, stairways, public places and other sealed surfaces

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WOLFA flat gutter types 100/6 and type 100/6V

The flat WOLFA gutters are ideal in locations with low installation heights. Equipped with a safety seam, this flat gutter with a height as low as 58 mm is particularly suited for installation in above-ceiling floor constructions.

Areas of application: patios, underground parking, parking decks, warehouses and shopping arcades

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