WOLFA Ventilation shafts

Like the window wells, the WOLFA ventilation shafts are made from glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) and therefore extremely sturdy and weather-proof.

Well-functioning and efficient ventilation is particularly important for basement spaces. WOLFA ventilation shafts are excellent fresh-air suppliers for central heating rooms, cooling rooms and basement spaces in general. They prevent damage from excessive room humidity (mold formation) and automatically air-condition the rooms.

All ventilation shafts are supplied with the patented edge protection gratings made by WOLFA. The ventilation shafts can placed on top of each other, the fastening material is part of the consignment.

Technical drawing of the WOLFA ventilation shaft

Available sizes

WidthHeightWall distance
36.5 cm40 cm20 cm

Lieferbaren Größen

Breite HöheWandabstand
36,5 cm40 cm20 cm

Designs and weight carrying capacity